Apple Announces ‘Cryptokit’ For iOS13


The Worldwide Developer’s Conference is just about to start, and one of the biggest tech market-makers in the country is looking to debut a new system called “cryptokit” which will be aimed at helping developers to integrate cryptography into application security.

“During a session scheduled for Wednesday at the ongoing event, titled ‘Cryptography and your Apps,’ Apple will unveil a new tool dubbed ‘CryptoKit,’ which will debut as an update in iOS 13,” William Suberg reports at Cointelegraph.

Suberg also notes other small hints that Apple may be about to go further into the world of cryptocurrency in the future – that includes the inclusion of a Bitcoin logo in supported in-app symbols, the addition of cryptocurrencies to Apple Pay systems, and even a blockchain VC fund started up by Steve “The Woz” Wozniak.

These catalytic signs from Apple come at a time when investors are tuned to cryptocurrency-related movements by big tech stocks – just yesterday, we were reporting on rumored Facebook efforts to create a “Globalcoin” that would be used frequently within the social media platform.

The news also comes as U.S. legislators are preparing an antitrust probe into these same big tech stocks to determine whether or not they have an excessive monopoly or control on the industry.

A set of stocks known as “FAANG” stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) are often at the front of economic technology news – but they will also be in the crosshairs of federal investigators taking a closer look at the tech sector in America.

“The House Judiciary Committee unveiled a sweeping “top-to-bottom’ review of unnamed tech companies late Monday, the first such probe by Congressional lawmakers, as reports of a dual effort from the DoJ and the Federal Trade Commission to tackle the perceived dominance and potential abuses of tech giants (such as those represented in the FAANG group)” writes Martin Baccardax this morning at The Street.

Source: Photo by Brittany Hosea-Small / AFP