Steve Wozniak heads energy blockchain firm

Steve Wozniak

The surviving partner of Apple’s enormous tech genesis is now a part owner of an energy efficiency firm in the “blockchain island” of Malta that’s looking to use the immutable ledger technology for tokenizing energy savings.

Maltese press yesterday reported Steve Wozniak co-founded the company Efforce with Jacopo Visetti. Visetti is a Harvard-educated quantitative analyst and equity partner active in European and African ventures.

As reported in Cointelegraph and elsewhere, Wozniak talked at the Delta Summit, a Malta blockchain conference, recently about the promise of blockchain to help regulate energy consumption.

Reportedly Wozniak suggest that blockchain can “decrease the public’s environmental impact without requiring people to change their habits.” That’s a neat trick – but it could go a long way to solving the scientific issues around greenhouse gases and subsequent climate change.

In addition to Efforce, Wozniak is also on board with a venture capital fund looking to get involved in blockchain startups.

By lending his prominent name to the list of interested blockchain investors, the Woz is helping to consolidate attention to the idea that the blockchain is here to stay, even as central banks come out with radically differing statements and ideas about both blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Recently, we have seen reports on India’s efforts to ban crypto, Chinese reluctance to embrace coins, and American crackdowns on crypto exchanges. There’s a widespread consensus that “bringing crypto out of the dark” will take a lot of regulatory work.

But despite the pronouncements of governments, private business is working quickly to cash in on the digital technologies under the coins – the transparency and precision of blockchain. That’s part of what Wozniak seems to be doing in his bid to become part of the energy vanguard looking at solutions for a warming world.