Mimik advances edge computing, joins LF Edge group


A company called mimik promoting its edge computing products today joined a coalition called LF Edge that is advancing these types of technology in the network world.


Described as an interoperable framework for the Linux Foundation, LF Edge involves companies developing solutions to drive data aggregation and use further toward the end device, and further from centralized data centers.


As for mimik’s contributions, the company expects to take part in the creation of a “new generation of apps.”


“Find out how edgeCloud and edgeEngine enable you to handle global functions in the central cloud while moving most of the processing workloads to smart devices and IoT devices,” write spokespersons.


What’s important about edge computing? Businesses are hailing some of the major benefits of edge computing such as speed, bandwidth and better security. There’s also the reliability that is much needed in mission-critical systems.


“Edge computing frameworks … are far less consolidated,” writes Mike Michalik October 28 for Evoque. “Even if the core servers are forced to go offline briefly, many essential services can still be delivered on the edge thanks to a combination of local processing and regional edge data centers. This is incredibly important for use cases involving healthcare and autonomous vehicles, where even a few seconds of downtime could quite literally cost lives.”


Michalik sees greater change on the horizon.


“In order to implement dynamic edge computing networks, organizations will need to expand their use of regional data centers and be more strategic about how they utilize cloud computing resources,” he writes. “If they rely on bare metal servers, they can start expanding their edge capabilities by placing those assets within colocation facilities that are closer to their end users. This is especially important for companies looking to expand their services into growing markets far from more established data center hubs.”


Investors should take note of conversations between mimik executives and Cathie Wood of Ark Invest, whose innovation funds and technology investment advice are getting a lot of attention from analysts and others.


Edge computing is becoming one of the fundamental network constructs meant to help secure and transmit data in the 21st century. It could be a positive part of your portfolio!