Cisco pioneers network tech



New network prediction technology from Cisco could be part of innovating how automated processes help to protect corporate data and systems.

A press release today shows Cisco building on years of research and design, to usher in a new kind of software capability for predictive networking.

Cisco spokespersons say builds this technology on three principles – observability, visibility and intelligence.

The end result, they say, is an improvement in the reliability and performance of systems.

“The future of connectivity will rely on self-healing networks that can learn, predict and plan,” said Cisco Chair and CEO Chuck Robbins in a press statement. “Our research for predictive networks has been tested and developed with customers, and early adopters are seeing major benefits saving them time and money. The industry has been waiting for secure, proactive networking and only Cisco can do it right.”

Cisco is reportedly introducing this capability across various industry segments, and showing how advanced analytics and machine learning can help drive a new generation of tools and resources.

The press release also explains a bit about how this works – developing various telemetry sources for data, the system establishes patterns and provides that information back to stakeholders.


As for Cisco stock, CSCO moves up about fifty cents to retake values hit yesterday. CSCO was down about a dollar on Monday.

In longer term chart analysis, CSCO hit a high near $64 per share in December of last year, just after Christmas. That said, its value is nearly flat year-over-year, with a share price right at $50 this time in 2021. After hitting a high near $60 in the summer of 2019, CSCO moved steadily down, to reach a nadir of $35 in the first week of the pandemic in 2020.

Look for more on CSCO and its new products as this type of network predictability filters into business IT strategy.