TRONBet Hits 1 Billion in TRX


There’s big news around Tron (TRX) today that highlights the importance of things like gamification in the crypto world.

Tech outlets are buzzing about the new milestone for Tron’s decentralized application TRONBet – where the aggregate winnings over the platform has hit the crucial one billion mark.

We’ve previously reported on the unique history of Tron and founder Justin Sun, and some of the bigger aims of the company, including its reputation as the “decentralized Internet crypto”.

What’s interesting to many investors is Tron’s position as a proponent of a decentralized Internet and its development of decentralized apps or ‘Dapps’ that led the company to achieve today’s benchmark and others. Building a decentralized Internet is a lofty goal and a popular one in today’s tech world – but Tron didn’t stop there – assisted by the Tron Foundation, the company built its own gambling platform for its first Dapp. TRONBet, thus initiating this chain of TRX activity that has boosted the company to new heights.

Using what’s called an ANTE token, gamblers can participate in this decentralized process it’s part of what makes Tron so unique and interesting in the crypto world. There also the principle of “wealth distribution” the controversial idea of doling out aggregate TRX to all ANTE token holders routinely.

Ali Qamar at GlobalCoinReport explains.

“To increase the number of users to an enormous level, Tronbet has also imputed a bonus structure that allows the users to receive ANTE – which permits them to place bets periodically on the platform,”  Qamar writes. “It is important to know that for every thousand TRX staked on Tronbet by a user, 1 ANTE will be received, according to a whitepaper released by the game. The ANTE token will soon be applied to other gaming platforms that will be created on Tron’s network.”

Analysts are talking about the quick proliferation of activity on TRONBet as an example of the power of blockchain gamification.

“The game became a hit instantly not with only those who are supporting the Tron platform but also among crypto enthusiasts all over the world.” wrote Eduard Watson at Oracle Times October 19, while also noting some of the challenges iof evolving such systems . “The issues that this game had to face, just like many others on crypto platforms, have been security and transparency … the industry needs an e-gaming platform that could be able to merge the latest DApp tech with robust security measures, transparency, and fairness.”

Nor is TRONBet Tron’s only major push for crypto.

“While TRONbet is TRON blockchain’s first dApp, it is not the only one,” writes Ali Raza at CryptoPotato. “The coin’s team and community have been focusing on dApp development with great dedication recently. Despite the fact that TRON’s MainNet was only launched several months ago, there are already seven dApps on this cryptocurrency’s platform.”

Look for more activity around TRX as Tron moves ahead with all of its well-laid plans.