TRON to the Rescue? Dapp War in the Making?


Tech journalists are making a lot of hay today out of a new tweet yesterday by Tron CEO Justin Sun.

In this brief statement, Sun offered to set up a fund to rescue Ethereum and EOS developers from the “collapse” of their platforms if they migrate their decentralized applications to the Tron network.

Cointelegraph highlights a gamut of responses, many of which are indignant and derisive.

“We think we will be just fine given the billion dollars in VC funding … that is locked and loaded around the world at Galaxy, SVK Crypto, Tomorrow, etc.,” tweets EOS New York. “Appreciate the offer, though. Best of luck, Justin.”

“Nice try,” tweets Scott @ scottcarat. “Situation seems to be quite the opposite Justin. Seems like resorting to that kind of tweet you must be having problems recruiting dev teams?”

Another early entertaining response from AltOne Crypto goes this way:

“So… we jump from sinking ships to another sinking ship? (Expletive), I’m in. When (sic) jump, sir?”

 As for why Sun assumes that these platforms are collapsing, many cite the broader crypto bloodbath that’s led to shedding value for many cryptocurrencies.

However, there’s also some more specific drivers behind Sun’s move, according to Oracle Times.

Writer Niyi Adejare Moses cites the move at Consensys to lay off 13% of its staff last week.

“Tron and Ethereum founders have been have been trading words since the former left Ethereum network,” Moses writes. “When Tron and its dApps departed ETH network, Justin Sun announced that Tron Foundation will do everything possible to outperform Ethereum. Since then, Tron has been on the run to stay atop come what may.”

Consensys is an Ethereum production studio, and looking at this example makes Tron’s position a little clearer – if projects like this are shedding staff, that is a concrete sign of impending trouble. However, a lot of people are considering the Tron statement nothing more than a publicity stunt, and looking at it in the context of rivalry between the various crypto coins over the past few years.

Meanwhile, Tron continues to make headlines as the place for decentralized applications and gamification of the blockchain. ETH and EOS continue to make headlines for being high-ranking crypto coin assets that are in jeopardy. Keep watching the markets to see what appeals to your sense of risk and purpose.