Crypto Coins in the Green

crypto coins

Bitcoin looks like someone took a bite out of it yesterday –  but then there was a spike: after peaking near $3800, Bitcoin prices have fluttered lower today, stopping right around $3700.

However, Bitcoin is still up around 3% over a day’s time as evidenced by a five day chart showing that a spike less than 24 hours ago brought coin values up from down around $3600.

Bitcoin isn’t the only coin that’s gaining – Adrian Zmudzinski at Cointelegraph reports today that Ripple is up nearly 3% to $0.33.

Ethereum has also seen its value grow to the tune of 8% over the day, and is now up around $128 – that’s kind of a bittersweet thing for investors, since recent highs averaged around $150 and recent lows averaged around $100 or lower.

All in all, it’s a nice picture for cryptocurrencies today as we look at what’s happening in the crypto world.

There’s the folding of the New Zealand Cryptopia exchange after a hack brought the system down –

“No information has yet been provided on the value of the losses, the tokens and currencies affected or any measures to refund users,” reports Yogita Khatri at CoinDesk. “The exchange’s website, including support and blog pages, is currently completely offline, with a notice stating: ‘Cryptopia is currently in unscheduled maintenance mode. We will be back soon.’”

But there’s also good news, such as Tron’s acquisition of Bittorrent, and confidence approaching the Ethereum Constantinople update.

Tron’s move is an interesting story on its own, with questions around the future viability of crypto in the face of the “governance paradox.” If you’re the philosophical type, be sure to read this one to add insight to your portfolio – and watch prices today!