WISeKey Acquires Storage and Data Management Stake for Big IoT CyberSec Play


Last week, we were reporting on how a Swiss firm called WISeKey plans to innovate cybersecurity for the Internet of Things, offering identity protection implementations for blockchain that can be “scaled into” the massive proliferation of devices that analysts expect within a few years.

Today there’s additional news that WISeKey has acquired a stake in an American firm called Tarmin, a data infrastructure company developing scalable data and utilizing software defined infrastructure for storage and data management.

“Tarmin’s cooperation with WISeKey’s Trusted Vertical Cybersecurity Platform will reportedly lead to the joint development of a next generation data management and storage solution dubbed “WISeBox” — a managed cloud service that will combine the GridBank with WISeKey’s cryptographic tool, Root of Trust (RoT) (a common trust anchor) and PKI architecture,” reports Marie Huillet at Cointelegraph this morning.

In explaining the move, WISeKey leadership cite data volumes that are “growing exponentially” and regulatory risk scenarios where cybersecurity management tools can really make a difference.

“This strategic investment allows Tarmin’s Data & Software Defined Infrastructure solutions to integrate with WISeKey Cybersecurity Platform strengthening Tarmin’s offering among WISeKey enterprise clients and bringing new source of revenue for both companies,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey according to a recent press release.

Part of this partnership to store and manage WISeKey cybersecurity data involves a Tarmin proprietary cloud product called GridBank, a data management platform.

Citing GridBank’s “search and e-discovery capabilities,” WISeKey leadership suggests that using GridBank will help WISeKey in terms of audit outcomes and data retention policy, as well as encryption.

At the same time, WISeKey is reaching across the Eurasian continent to form partnerships in Singapore, notably with Malaysian tech enterprise Censof, and opening a Global Blockchain Center there, as well as another one in Geneva, Switzerland.

“This strategic agreement allows Censof, and in particular Cendee, to leverage their Cybersecurity and Blockchain expertise by combining them with WISeKey’s broad Cybersecurity portfolio of services and also strengthen Censof’s offering among government and enterprise clients,” Moreno reportedly said of that deal in January.

All of this suggests that WISeKey and partners will be poised to profit handily from the expansion of the Internet of Things, a phenomenon that may be already developing quite inconspicuously in today’s consumer tech environment. Look for chances to capitalize on IoT-related projects for gains in a rapidly digitizing world.