Tech Giant VMWare Adds Digital Asset Smart Contracts


There’s big news in the world of virtualization today, as tech journalists report that VMware, a company deploying blockchain services for many commercial clients, is set to assimilate smart contracts from a company called Digital Asset into its decentralized workflows.

A press release from yesterday shows VMware intends to distribute open source DAML smart contract language (through partnering with Digital Asset) directly to its customer base.

What does this mean for enterprise?

Videos showing VMware’s leader of blockchain Mike DiPetrillo describing how these systems work shows that one primary use of blockchain is applied to transportation and delivery.

“DAML has been proven to be one of the few smart contract languages capable of modeling truly complex workflows at scale,” DiPetrillo said in a press statement. “VMware is delighted to be working together on customer deployments to layer VMware Blockchain alongside DAML. Customers demand choice of language execution environments from their blockchain and DAML adds a truly robust and enterprise-focused language set to a blockchain platform with multi-language support.”

With a whiteboard of workflow processes, DiPetrillo shows how smart contracts can improve systems around delivering physical goods to destinations.

Other uses of the blockchain technology involve various kinds of internal documentation. A post by Matthew Harrison in 2018 shows some of the workflow processes that would make blockchain critical to VMware deployments.

It’s interesting when companies like VMware integrate blockchain, particularly because of the timeline that we’ve seen in the business community over the past two decades.

The era of big data seemed to blend easily into the era of cloud delivery services. Cloud created a ripple effect that permeated the business world in the past 10 to 15 years, as companies moved from an in-house hardware model to a cloud delivery services model. It’s been an impressive and comprehensive transformation. Now the blockchain is taking on as the next wave – just as companies began to feel it was critical to buy into the cloud as a model, blockchain is now replacing centralized processes as companies see the value of the immutable ledger technology.

So now as companies turn to firms like VMware for virtualization and platform execution, blockchain becomes even more ubiquitous in the business landscape.

Consider this new news about VMware as part of your daily research as you look at rebalancing your crypto portfolio. You may choose to invest directly in coins or in secondary companies utilizing blockchain, but either way, the better your research is, the better your long-term outlook is going to be.