U.S. Interest in Crypto Documented in Study


A company called DataLight is looking into cryptocurrency interests by nation of origin.

What it found according to study data released April 29 is that the United States has its fair share of crypto enthusiasts.

Specifically, researchers found that the top three countries of origin for some major crypto exchanges were the United States as well as Japan and South Korea.

Of monthly visits to 100 crypto currency platforms, DataLight found over 22 million came from Americans. Japan was in second place with 6 million visits, and South Korea had 5.7 million. After that, the United Kingdom and Russia were next on the list with 3.8 million and 3.1 million monthly visits.

“After investigating the origin of traders who use well-known exchanges, DataLight — which continues to publish various insights into the industry — said that the U.S. has the highest share of visits, more than triple the next runner up,” writes William Suberg at Cointelegraph this morning.

The widespread interest in crypto is also interesting to investors – it signals that there is solid ground for more expansion and blockchain adoption in the years to come. If this was only a regional interest, you might expect that to depress a global market.

Instead, you can see that there is widespread interest, and that the majority of interest comes from places around the world where innovation is thriving. For instance, South Korea, now known as a major world exporter and outsized manufacturer by population, is intensely focused on cryptocurrency and block chain.

The study also found that despite a national ban on exchange activity, India with its immense population was also in the top 15 of top cryptocurrency exchange visitors.

“The research found that India had an eleventh-place rating, which comes despite an almost year-long ban on exchange financing by the country’s central bank,” Suberg reports. “Local exchanges have since been forced to close or severely limit their activities.”

What are U.S. crypto fans looking for?

Some current reporting shows Americans moving beyond the major “household name” of Bitcoin to other choices.

According to Google Trends last year, the number of US users searching for the term, “how to buy Ripple” was greater than the number using the popular search engine to query ‘how to buy Bitcoin,’” wrote Rick D. at NewsBTC April 2.

“(To some investors,) BTC is a lumbering dinosaur of a crypto when compared to its competitors. Based on the potentially increased utility many more transactions per second provide, large numbers of folks are banking on XRP one day outperforming Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. … Whilst the controversial XRP currency is still a long way behind Bitcoin in terms of total size of market, there is one metric that Ripple appears to be somewhat outperforming Bitcoin on – US Google interest.”

Keep an eye out for Ripple and other choices to emerge “on the street” near you.