Justin Sun talks Tron, dispels Chinese investigation rumor


With a series of videos and social media communications, Tron founder Justin Sun is trying to dispel some rumors swirling around the alternative cryptocurrency – or more specifically, about what he’s been up to himself on a recent trip to the Middle Kingdom.

Recently, reports surfaced of Sun being detained in China as he attempted to return to the United States.

The Chinese investigation was allegedly based on various items including money laundering and spreading pornography, assumedly through the decentralized Tron network or decentralized web apps that Tron has helped develop.

Yesterday, Sun posted pictures of himself and other Tron people in San Francisco (his communications person, etc.) to show that he did indeed return to the U.S., and posted a video denying that the rumors of the Chinese investigation had merit.

Sun also used the opportunity to talk about the nature of Tron and why he’s confident about his network, although the video gets off to a slow start with Sun simply reading screen comments and responding by saying ‘hello.’

“It’s completely decentralized – it’s distributed all over the globe,” Sun says of Tron’s network after much of this preamble. “It’s pure permissionless – you can just run … with the infrastructure, on our protocol and also with the developers, on their infrastructure.”

Sun cited Tronlink, Tronwallet, and Tronbox as examples.

“It’s all run by the community,” he said. “We help them, but we can’t control them. All of the applications, infrastructure – this is completely decentralized. I think Tron is one of the most successful…. People-governed network, distributed network. I have 100% confidence on our network.”

Chart research shows Tron edging up this morning, perhaps on news that Justin Sun is alive and well and moving around the United States. The Tron equity, with a market cap of over $1.5 million, is currently rising above the two-cent mark that represents a recent low.