Twitter looking to add a snooze feature to help reduce notifications


Most smartphone users already know how to silence a barrage of text message notifications that happen when your cell phone ‘blows up’ – but what about incessant notifications from Twitter?

Breaking reports suggest that the company is about to unveil a new ‘snooze’ feature (with an icon that looks like a bell with a slash through it) that will allow users to easily delay push notifications for the platform.

The discovery of this function embedded in twitter code is attributed to blogger Jane Manchun Wong who posted an explanation online today:

“I came across this new ‘Snooze’ button by looking into the code underneath Twitter’s mobile app for Android, and I am awaiting comment from Twitter about this feature,” Wong writes.

Wong describes why someone would want to use this feature to temporarily silence the Twitterverse.

“Seeing the blue circle of push notifications popping up our Twitter app often sparks joy,” she writes. “For example, when your tweet went viral, your phone might keep buzzing nonstop. Sometimes, there might be a desire to pause the stream of push notifications on Twitter. Now Twitter has a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you pause push notifications for a specific amount of time.”

Jon Porter over at The Verge, reporting on this news, cites WhatsApp as precedent for developing snooze functionality, but says that Twitter might take a long time to roll out the feature.

“Twitter may want to promote more positive discussions on its platform, but it seems content to do a lot of testing before it commits to making any changes,” he writes. “Let’s not forget, Twitter still doesn’t have an edit button.”

Look for more on this new functionality that can help users to get screen relief when they have too many pings.