Udemy report chronicles tech trends in skill set demand


A new report from Udemy itemizes top tech skills of 2020 as we move further into the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it has some interesting ramifications for tech markets.


Unsurprisingly, Python, one of the most common algorithm languages in use now, tops the list described as useful in “software development, infrastructure management and data analysis.”


Machine learning itself features prominently, as does Docker, the open source platform for containerization that’s so much a part of company virtualization schemes.


As for certifications, the CompTIA and Amazon AWS are mentioned.


Then there’s also deep learning, a type of machine learning that works with artificial neural networks where artificial neurons in subsequent layers filter data for smart results.


So what else are we looking for in the days ahead?


Check out this list from Learn to Code with Me where mobile development, SEO, data visualization, UX design and blockchain all get mentioned, along with, of course, data science.


There’s also a deep need for cybersecurity experts, as evidenced by this tech article in TechCrunch.


Knowing what’s valuable to enterprise allows young career professionals to start building their long-term strategies for remaining vital to today’s workplace. But investors also get clues, looking at these job skills lists, to where markets are going to go in the future – what companies may build their equities based on machine learning or artificial intelligence or anything else – up to and including quantum supremacy. This profound change in direction based on particle physics is now emerging as a new IT discipline – and something to look out for as you try to track the future in fintech.