One Small Step for Crypto!… Spacebit Capital to Launch First Tokenized Space VC Fund

Spacebit Capital

Today, analysts are talking about a very new plan by a company called Spacebit Capital to set up a specialized VC fund for space-related projects that will rely on tokenized blockchain technologies.

This bid by a unique up-and-coming firm with an interest in space exploration comes amid a greater context of investments in places like Saudi Arabia, Russia and elsewhere, as major world nations dig into the idea of renewing space research and technology efforts. This isn’t your father’s space program – with Apollo and other 80’s-era technology enshrined in museums, there’s a new race to space focused on satellite and laser technologies and much more.

At Spacebit Capital’s website, the company talks about “tokenizing the final frontier” and creating a “moon ecosystem” including items like lunar GPS, moon-based 3D printing and robots exploring the lunar surface, as well as mining processes assisted by artificially intelligent agents.

“We believe that emerging and future technologies from the space industry can positively influence the way we live and improve the quality of life for everyone on Earth,” explains a landing page showing all of the company’s new moves to harness the potential of today’s technologies while moving toward the stars.

As for the plan to put “space angels” behind research and technology programs, Spacebit Capital made the announcement in two central locations at once, on two different continents – releasing the news simultaneously at the World Investment Forum in Geneva, and at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The new space venture capital fund illustrates a move to combine space research and cryptocurrency initiatives – and it also provides a way for companies to differentiate themselves and stand out from the pack. Coverage at Cointelegraph shows how the VC fund will narrow its focus to early stage companies involved in specific kinds of projects.

“The ability to tokenize communications and data is a key enabler for the future economy,” claim writers of a press release Oct. 25, “allowing for such opportunities to be extended, forming a new global space economy whilst redefining the existing venture capital model and bringing liquidity into long-term space projects.”

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at two major space-related stocks – the first is Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings in El Segundo, California. Despite recent dips in price, when you take the long view you can see that Aerojet is at a solid 150% of its 2014 prices, and that it has spiked even higher this year.

A look at another major space related stock, L3 technologies, shows more tremendous growth, up from $100 in 2014 to around $200 now, with relative stability throughout the first three quarters of 2018.

So the news of a space-specific VC fund also provides an opportunity for traders – if you’re a big fan of “star wars” or at least space research, and you also like the blockchain, you could do worse than following a basket of space-related tech stocks like AJRD and LLL – into the stratosphere, if these current indications are a solid sign of renewed growth in the space industry as a whole.