Kaleido Marketplace Ups the Ante for Enterprise Crypto Capabilities

Kaleido Marketplace

Industry gurus are reporting today on a brand-new technology partnership between Amazon Web services and a blockchain startup called Kaleido that looks like a promising option for enterprise blockchain clients.

It’s called the Kaleido Marketplace, and it’s meant to be a kind of one-stop shop for different blockchain needs. The press release this week details options like:

  • Blockchain wallets
  • Smart contract oracles
  • Supply chain management tools

Quoted in a Cointelegraph piece today, Kaleido CEO Steve Cerveny speaks to the philosophy of offering this broader spectrum of products and services:

“Only about 10 percent of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data and infrastructure components required to go into production.”

In general, Kaleido Marketplace is an excellent example of how a third-party vendor utilizes a basket of tech elements to provide comprehensive cloud services related to blockchain technologies.

It’s not surprising that when you look into Kaleido’s actual technology strategy, it involves using Kubnernetes containers and pod structures for moving block signing and consensus tools around. Container virtualization is quickly becoming a best practice in many parts of the world of software as a service, and this is no exception.

Another smart move by Kaleido is implementing AWS services and working with Amazon Web Services as a partner.

Companies widely recognize AWS as the dominant prebuilt cloud hosting vendor on the market, although some options from Microsoft and others are key rivals. The bottom line is that the partnership with AWS allows Kaleido to do two things – link to a household name, and get the competitive cloud services they need to deliver all of these excellent enterprise solutions to clients.

If you’re a trader looking at how this might affect cryptocurrency markets, get ready to put on a pair of horns. Solutions like these that tempt companies to get into the crypto space often lead to raging bull markets.

Now, while Bitcoin continues to stubbornly stick around its $6,500 mark, (albeit with a little bit of a slump during today’s trading session,) traders can console themselves with the prospect of ever-widening sets of corporate businesses jumping on the blockchain bandwagon because vendors like Kaleido have allowed them to make that feasible. When you talk about the rampant interest in blockchain and bitcoin, these third-party solutions can be very powerful movers of market interest.

It’s also interesting that Cointelegraph reporting notes prior AWS projects with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric and references the creation of decentralized applications or “D-apps” like the ones that allowed Tron to proliferate its token with gamification.

Look for more on enterprise blockchain, decentralized applications and more as you study the prospect of adding crypto stocks to your portfolio.