Aeron Willing to Sell an Airplane for BNB, ARN Coins


What if you could buy an airplane with cryptocurrency?

You can, according to today’s news from Cryptopotato where Ali Raza reports on a company called Aeron putting up a 2007 Columbia 350 SL and setting a sale price of 31,603BNB, which is equivalent to €268,000.

Alternately, buyers can pay with Aeron’s own ARM coin, in which case, the total would be 446666 ARN.

Buyers can look for this unique crypto offer in Aeron’s innovative Pilot Shop – a tweet yesterday hashtags the offer for the aircraft, which is currently being kept in Austria.

It’s a very interesting proposition for pilots and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike – tying common consumer goods, even something as esoteric as a four-seater, to cryptocurrencies makes coins more of an everyday part of our lives and hopefully, for crypto traders, brings the water level up on the full spectrum of cryptocurrency trades.

It’s also interesting which coin offering Aeron decided to accept – some deals like this are pushing greater numbers of traders toward the panoply of “altcoins” doing things on today’s market, and away from classic best-knowns like BTC and ETH.

Binance, which debuted in 2017, now has a market capitalization of over $1 billion with a total supply of 191 million coins. One Bitcoin is currently worth around 670 Binance coins.

To figure out more about the Binance story, you can read pieces like this one at Forbes that explain part of what has been behind BNB’s meteoric rise – for example, the ability to establish large numbers of transactions quickly, and the strategy behind Binance’s related crypto exchange. It’s been quite a journey for these crypto pioneers!

Looking at the finance trading chart, the BNB cryptocurrency has remained around the $10 mark for a couple of months now with no major breakouts. Could deals like Aeron’s move the needle on BNB? And are people going to mistake it for some sort of bed-and-breakfast or AirBnB lodging option?

That’s a tongue-in-cheek way of saying it’s good to read the fine print and make sure you know which coin is doing what in the cryptocurrency market – and what each coin offering represents. Some analysts are considering Binance a long-term play next to more familiar options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but jumping in without understanding underlying assets and context can be a risky move.