Medicine Man Technologies Announces New Interim CEO

Medicine Man Technologies

Denver-based Medicine Man Technologies Inc (OTCQX: MDCL) announced today that the company’s co-founder Andy Williams had been appointed Interim CEO of the firm.

Williams has stepped down as Chairperson of the Board in order to oversee the company’s operations, which include a variety of branding and consulting services to cannabis clients internationally.

The announcement came in light of Medicine Man co-founder Brett Roper passing away recently. Although Medicine Man declined to disclose the cause of his death, it’s confirmed that Roper passed away suddenly on Saturday at the age of 65.

For the industry as a whole, Roper was known as a prominent figure in the industry, helping break down the stigma in the sector through sharing his business experience with investors.

Brett Roper was an influencer in the cannabis industry and helped grow Medicine Man Technologies into an industry leader. He helped build our Company to where it is today and we are forever grateful for his service and the leadership he provided,” said CEO Andy Williams. “As Interim CEO, I look forward to continue working closely with the Board as well as our team at Medicine Man Technologies to serve our expanding client base and execute on our growth strategy as we prepare for our next phase.”

Williams is known for being an industry expert in the cannabis ecosystem. Featured in many publications such as The New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and many more, Williams also is a board member of the Cannabis Trade Federation along with other organizations to help adopt more progressive legislation and tax reforms for the industry.

Losing Brett is such as a hard thing for us, because he was such a friend and what he did for the company,” Williams added, mentioning how his predecessor was able to influence others in his generation, especially those who might not have been willing to listen to a younger generation of cannabis executives and thought leaders.

Medicine Man Technologies Inc Company Profile

Established in March 2014, the Company secured its first client/licensee in April 2014. To date, the Company has provided guidance for several clients that have successfully secured licenses to operate cannabis businesses within their state.

The Company currently has or has had active clients in California, Iowa, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Germany, and South Africa.

We continue to focus on working with clients to 1) utilize its experience, technology, and training to help secure a license in states with newly emerging regulations, 2) deploy the Company’s highly effective variable capacity constant harvest cultivation practices through its deployment of Cultivation MAX, and eliminate the liability of single grower dependence, 3) avoid the costly mistakes generally made in start-up, 4) stay engaged with an ever expanding team of licensees and partners, all focused on quality and safety that will “share” the ever-improving experience and knowledge of the network, and 5) continuing the expansion of our Brands Warehouse concept through entry into industry based cooperative agreements and pursuing other acquisitions as they prove suitable to our overall business development strategy. – Medicine Man Technologies