OxUniverse Gamifies Blockchain – OxWarriors Going Live


The OxGames company has just announced pre-sale information for a brand-new game called OxWarriors. Presale ended on November 30, and now gamers are looking forward to a mobile version of this interactive crypto-based game.

Along with this notice, OxGames has announced they intend to add various blockchains to the game, mentioning Tron as the forerunner.

Tron has been active in the gaming sector of the blockchain industry, creating decentralized apps or d-apps that allow wagering on crypto coins.

The OxWarriors game is supported by various established blockchain market leaders like Meet.OneEOSLumi WalletToken PocketEosphereEosysDappRadarGameunculusSpider Store, and Blockchaingamer.biz  and raised 4000 EOS coins in funding.

In showcasing this new game, OxGames builds on a track record of using blockchain and crypto currencies to entice gamers into interactive worlds.

The OxUniverse game, which has been online for some time now, is an excellent example. In this Ethereum-based game, players navigate a colorful 3D galaxy, buying and selling various planets that produce digital resources. Rocket ships launch and zoom around this virtual universe, and players survey the various stats of the planets in question.

In released videos on YouTube, you can get some sense of game play: it’s bright, it’s fun, and, like a sophisticated version of a virtual sports league game, it’s complex, with stat counters popping up next to the 3d graphics.

When you look closer at OxUniverse, you understand some of the philosophies and strategies in gamifying the blockchain. Although it’s presented as good wholesome fun, the fact that these digital entities are tradable and carry bits of crypto value means that OxUniverse is essentially operating as an informal and unofficial exchange of virtual digital goods.

What this means for crypto investors is that attracting gamers expands the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Sometimes if you can’t get to broader adoption by offering things like a better payment gateway, you can break into consumer goods markets by making blockchain systems into an entertaining game.

Look for these new contracts with Tron (and others) to move market prices, and keep an eye on players like this as they continue to innovate in the blockchain gaming space.