TradeOgre Has the Pairs: Crypto Exchange Reviewed by Sites, Users


Today venues like Cryptoground are reporting on a new cryptocurrency exchange platform called TradeOgre that supports a lot of pairs with Bitcoin.

To trade on TradeOgre, users have to register and provide their email address before setting up an account and creating a cryptocurrency exchange wallet.

TradeOgre allows users to buy or sell or monitor market moves. A Bitcoin/USD value ticker helps them to assess this element of the crypto market.

As benefits of the TradeOgre platform, proponents are touting, first and foremost, a simple and intuitive interface. That, despite this recent review from Anca Faget at Coindoo:

“TradeOgre’s web-based trading platform does not seem very intuitive at first glance. It displays a lot of information and a wide number of useful and effective functions, which might seem overwhelming or complicated for first-time users. The charting is very basic, featuring a few spikes here and there, making it quite useless.”

Other advantages include good user support and low fees overall.

However, some investors have questions and concerns around the paper trail for this brand-new option.

Lacking a dedicated Wikipedia page for TradeOgre, we have to go to Reddit instead to get some information straight from users, some of whom appear to be wary.

“TradeOgre just looks really unprofessional. With the lack of security, the lack of information about the site or its owners, and even just the name, I’m really apprehensive about it,” wrote u/atari_guy nearly a year ago, surveying the landscape.

“I have, and others on discord, used TradeOgre a few times with no issues. Enable 2FA if you plan to use the exchange,” wrote JeutheIdit in response. “Like others stated here, dont ever keep a large amount on any exchange.”

More recent comments seem supportive

“I’d recommend Tradeogre,” wrote core5 about 2 months ago. “They’ve supported exchanges from another pool that I’ve been involved with for several months, and they’ve had very few issues.”

Others seemed more imaginative about how the TradeOgre platform works.

“There is no windows wallet available yet right?” wrote kiwibitman80. “So we’d need to HODL with tradeogre? Maybe they have their own ogre to chase off hackers.”

Check it out for yourself, and tell us how you feel.