McAfee Dex part of John McAfee’s promise of “free” assets


One of the most colorful cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the American landscape has just launched his own decentralized exchange.

Breaking reports this morning show the McAfee Dex, the brainchild of cybersecurity innovator John McAfee, is launching today, October 7, with a .25% platform fee and a design that limits some of the traditional roadblocks with these types of trading forums:

“McAfee Dex has no limits, collect zero customer information and blocks no jurisdictions,” reads the web site copy for the new exchange, on a landing page showing a Dex chart and other descriptors.

As someone with a reputation for being a loose cannon and a history of accusations of tax evasion, McAfee is sometimes seen as making headlines the wrong way. Or at least inflaming tension between “the Feds” and libertarian types.

Even a tweet October 5 announcing the McAfee Dex beta version intimates that part of the goal is to “free us from government’s cornerstone of control: fiat currencies.”

“Centralized exchanges are our weak point – decentralized exchanges are our escape,” McAfee says into the camera in a posted video, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. “Nobody controls (the decentralized exchange)… it is everywhere and it is impossible to stop …You have to have courage, and you have to have faith, and you have to stick the course.”

McAfee’s platform supports coins on the Ethereum blockchain and any Ethereum-based coin can be listed for free.

In another recent tweet, McAfee urges readers to “vote” by moving money out of banks that are “the most restrictive” with what depositors can do with their money.

The new exchange design seems by extension to offer opportunities for what McAfee and others have been selling for quite a while: free, independent investments.

Take a look at McAfee Dex in the context of new exchange environments, and consider your own strategy for navigating diverse markets.