Bitfinity charges up (financially) for next-gen trading with series A funding from Eight Roads Ventures


An interesting startup is announcing its successful bid for series A funding in partnership with a major VC firm – and that has ramifications for the general fintech industry.

A press release today by Bitfinity shows the company has secured investment with Eight Roads Ventures, which is described therein as a “global proprietary investment firm” with backing from major financial broker Fidelity.

Bitfinity’s Raptor™ system is already used in capital markets for high-frequency and algorithmic trading. Bringing the ability to integrate cryptocurrency into the platform combines digital assets with the high-speed, high-tech strategies that are revolutionizing clients access to daily markets.

“Selecting the right technology platform for our trading operations was a key strategic decision. Raptor is renowned for performance, and has an impeccable track record serving the world’s most reputable financial institutions,” explained Hitoshi Hasegawa, Chief Operating Officer at Binfinity in a press release announcing the project, accessible from the company’s LinkedIn page.  “Raptor allows us to launch with superior performance across many currency pairs, and will scale to meet our ambitious growth plans.”

It’s a lofty plan, but partners are on board and enthusiastic.

“Finding a startup team with the strength and depth of experience of Binfinity is rare, and in the world of digital assets almost unheard of. We believe the timing is right for a technologically mature, regulated exchange platform to thrive” said Managing Partner of Japan at Eight Roads David Milstein in a press statement.

As evidenced by the sentiment from Eight Roads, Bitfinity really is turning heads in utilizing existing technologies to forge new ones. Bringing Bitcoin and other digital coins to the high-speed market creates a new flavor of cryptocurrency that’s likely to move markets and open up additional opportunities for investors. Check it out and factor the high-frequency strategy into your own crypto portfolio.