Draper bullish on BTC, cites Netflix and FAANG potential


Tim Draper’s ebullient Bitcoin forecasts have been widely broadcasted over the past couple of years. Now he’s making a more pronounced production that one of the renowned FAANG group companies may be the next to go big on the front-running cryptocurrency.


Prashant Jha at Coingape reveals Draper said Netflix may be ready to get in on the game.


Citing the creativity of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Draper suggested that in following companies like Microstrategy, Netflix may decide to hold Bitcoin as a treasury asset. That wouldn’t be the first major ground-breaking move for the streming video giant: all through the 1990s, Netflix innovations consolidated the company’s hold on entertainment and brought it to the level of fame it enjoys now as a top tech sector equity.


Together with past moves like Tesla’s billion-dollar buy-in, Draper says a move by Netflix could boost Bitcoin price to over $250,000 by the end of 2022.


But it’s a cryptic remark made by Draper contemporaneously that might perhaps raise some eyebrows the most – according to the coverage from Jha, Draper suggested that although Google could also move into the Bitcoin space, he believes that Google may be working with Facebook and Apple to generate their own jointly centralized cryptocurrency.


“…And Amazon.” Draper reportedly concluded, leaving astounded audiences to parse the last two words into the sentence. Amazon would be included?


In evaluating this prophecy, it’s important to note that Facebook tried something like this already with the Libra stablecoin, and was roundly rebuffed by regulators, including those in the U.S., for fear that a centralized Facebook coin would challenge traditional fiat currencies too much. One would assume a project by Google, Facebook and Apple, along with Amazon, would just be so much more “rat poison squared” in the words of Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett.


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